Mini Pavlova in a cup

I don't exactly know what Pavlova actually taste like. I’ve been asking some friends to bring back a piece for me from KL or Singapore but everyone said it gets soggy very fast. That sucks. I imagine soggy Pavlova would taste like old socks so I stop nagging my friends to bring back one for me. 

Tired of salivating at the photo, I decided to make one. 

Yeah. You read that right. I, Balqiz, the two left hands when it comes to culinary skill, the one who NEVER bake in her whole life, the one who thinks ‘preferably room temperature egg’ in a recipe means I have to put the egg under my armpit to ‘warm up’ the refrigerated egg, wanted to bake my own Pavlova.


I scouted the dessert’s recipe like a hellhound on a deadly mission. 

I finally found the easiest, simplest way and thankfully, easy. And because I am VERY NOT confident I can pull a Nigella Lawson in mere seconds (miracle does not happen to me when it comes to baking), I decided to do a mini Pavlova. 

So, on a Sunday afternoon, after battling with sugar, white eggs, corn starch and all the baking equipment that were so alien to me, I managed to create:

I don’t have strawberries or berries so I just add grapes coz good God, the Pavlova itself is already sweet and add with strawberries? No thank you! I cheated a bit by using a ready made whip cream by Nestle. 

So, my verdict? Meh. I like the texture of the meringue but I KNOW I need to improve more if I want to really enjoy a good Pavlova. But, good try, me! At least I get to use the cake mixer which has been looking at me pathetically all these while ever since I bought it.

P/s Yeah, the Pavlova look mashed here. That's because I broke the meringue just so I can squeeze it in the cup. I am a JI-NI-ES.


Nurul said...

waaaaahhhh.....!! pandei buat pavlova sudahhhh... tahniah!! leh buat more tok.. hehehe


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