Check List AGAIN (WHEN WILL IT EVER END, ME? WHEN?!) (Baby Making Part 26)

Checklist for Hospital Bag 

(For me) 

1. Hospital card

2. IC

3. Blouses (4x)
    • Preferably button front blouse. I don’t have one. That means… SHOPPING!!!!

4. Bra and underwear (4x)

5. Socks (4x)

6. Pads (more than a dozen I think…)

7. Towel (1x)

8. Face towel (2x)

9. Bedroom slippers
    • Preferably pink fluffy bunny slippers like the one I saw in Victoria Secret’s catalogue. I’M KIDDING, HUSBAND!

10. Nursing bra (4x)
      • I do not know where to buy this in Miri…

11. Air/Minyak Selusuh
      • Got that one! The oil I mean. Not the water… I don’t have to have both, right?

12. Food and drinks
     • Biscuits, air Zam Zam, fruits, ice creams and soda (MOM, I’M KIDDING!)

13. Pillows (2x)
      • I’ve stayed in the hospital twice this year and from that experience I know comfy soft pillows are a MUST. Even private hospitals don’t cater for your comfort coz, as you well know, they are NOT luxurious hotels.

14. Hand phone charger

15. Earphone (to listen to all the surah-surah al-Quran on my phone)

(For baby) 

1. Baby diapers

2. Clothes (4x)

3. Socks and mittens (4x)

4. Hat (2x)

5. Blanket/baby wrap (2x)

6. Baby’s girdle (2x)
    • I just realize I don’t have this! ANOTHER EXCUSE TO GO SHOPPING!

7. Baby wipes/wet tissue

8. Minyak kayu putih (1x)

Checklist for Confinement Period 

1. Confinement set like jamu, herbal baths, hot compress etc
    • Got it!

2. Sweater
    • This I have a plenty. I can also borrow from the Mister.

3. Blanket
   • I actually bought a new set of bed sheet and comforter for my confinement period. Reason: People will visit me in my room and I am not going to embarrass myself being seen lying on a shabby old bed sheet. Eek! So NOT!

4. ‘Kain Batik’
    • Mom said she’s getting 4 (or more) new pairs for me. Got that one covered too. Thank God.

5. Stockings
   • I need to dig in my cupboard since I seldom wear socks and I’ve to make sure all are matching. I tend to wear my socks with different pair since I’m too lazy to look for its correct partner.

6. Maternity bra and underwear
   • Errr… are there any sold in Miri?

7. Maternity pads
   • Got to put that in my shopping list.

8. Breast Pad
   • My best friend A gave me a box full of this thing so got that one covered too. Though I did wonder, what the freakin’ hell are these, when I first open her “gift”. Told her I’ve no boobies now and she screamed, “YOU WILL! SOON! AND IT WOULD BE LIKE WATERFALL GUSHING OUT OF YOU SO THIS IS ME PREPARING YOU!” Wow. Scary but thanks babe!

9. Girdle/traditional wrap
   • I remember Mom telling me she got this one covered too. Remind me to ask her again…

10. Books
      • This is the part I’m most excited about! I’ve been saving some books for my 44 days confinement period. So far I have all the Games of Thrones series to read, 2-3 Regency Romance books by various authors and yes, I agree, I MUST GET MORE COZ YOU JUST MIGHT NEVER KNOW I FINISH IT ALL IN MERE ONE WEEK! [Crazy frenzy eyes]

Anything I miss out, do please add in. Thank you!


EmilyRain said...

For your car..get ready lapik plastik n case ur water broke at home..u will not want to stain ur car seat :p btw babys gallery bintang ada jual all those maternity limited la ..And some potpouri for your hotel room..i was really freaking out tkt my room bau darah :s good luck!

Balqiz said...

Hi EmilyRain, plastic is ONE AWESOME IDEA WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT BEFORE? THANK YOU!!! And the potpouri! YES!!!! *cry of happiness* Thank you!

apijah said...

nursing bra u can buy online :p
pads yang banyak adalah sangat perlu....
makanan yang banyak juak sgt perlu...after deliver sgt lapa!

i dont think ko smpat baca buku dah pas tok....hehehe kmk majalah senipis2 pun sik sempat melayan baby ...tapi manala tahu kannn...

good luck mama'

Anonymous said...

Bring some straws with you coz with the pain and all it's easier to sip rather than drink (when you're thirsty of course).

For books, you may want to buy them online instead. Cheaper! I always buy mine at @ Free shipping worldwide.


Balqiz said...

Pijah, nursing bra ya ada size kan? MACAM NE NAK TAUK SIZE KMK LAAAAAHHHHHH

Zhu, oh yes! Straw! Thank you for reminding me of that!!!

sya_zazoo said...

i didnt wear any bra during my malas..
if your water broke,wear pad instead.use the overnite ones.easy. u r planning to do vaginal birth rite?good luck!
good tip from me: dont wear any panty during confinement..just use maternity pad. it will promote faster healing n more comfort.berendam ngan air garam morning 1/2 hrs petang 1/ me it will heal alot faster..huhu..hehe..gud luck lagik!

Anonymous said...

yes, I second say_zazoo. Is there any homeopathy clinic/shop in Miri? If ada, can buy Arnica 30c. Helps with the healing.


Balqiz said...

sya_zazoo & zhu, NGILUUUUUUUK!!!!!


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