Baby Making Part 25

Hey there Little Guy,

Here’s a confession. The first time I felt you kicking at 18 weeks, that was the time I realized, wow, I’m going to be a mother! And honestly, when the reality sinks in, it made me nervous.

I asked myself constantly; will I be a good mother to this precious child? Will I be able to provide for him all the things he needs to grow up healthily and happily? Am I capable to hold myself back and not to interfere when there are times you need to learn things your own way? And many, many other questions that swims in my head and kept me awake at night.

Your Dad said I’ll be fine when I voiced out these concerns. This is one thing you will learn about your parents: Your Dad is the pillar of strength and stability while your Mom is a basket case. We are a match made in heaven; with me driving your Dad up the wall and him scrapping me off the ceiling when I’m in my moods. Oh you will fit in nicely among the chaos.

During one of the check-up, the doctor managed to give us a good look at how you look like and I gleefully pointed out your nose which unfortunately for you, is a small rounded button nose you inherited from me. I would like to apologize in advance for giving you that nose. If you want to blame me, please, blame my long line of small rounded nose ancestors. But they are dead already so you can’t sue them.

And ever since you reach 7 months in my belly, you have been nudging me and kicking me and occasionally I can feel you rolling and don’t worry, I love your every movement! You made me giggle when you jiggle my belly like a jelly. You made me jumped when you suddenly kick so hard to tell me, “MOM! YOUR ICE-CREAM IS FREEZING MY BUTT!” and what a cute little butt you have there, dear.

We’ve chosen your name already and I hope you like it. I spend many months looking for a perfect one with good meanings. We’ve been calling you with your name, hoping you will give response like one kick if you like the name and double kick saying you hated it. But it’s a game you fail miserably coz you just kick at any names we call out. Unless, you really like to be called MOZART…?

And don’t worry, you will be clothed as soon as you come out coz I’ve started to buy you your cute rompers, pajamas, beanie hat and socks. You would not believe how expensive your clothes are! I know it’s not of your problem but as soon as you get your first job, I’m going to ask you to buy me a Prada dress. You’re welcome.

I wish I know how to make this first letter to you sappy and touching but I just do not know how too. I may have a serious demeanor at the outside but since you’ve been the victim of my constant tease (poking you when you jab me and drinking cold water so you would squirm inside –oh that was fun) you can guarantee I am going to make your life interesting. Ask your Dad. He’ll vouch for me [insert creepy smile]

We love you, little guy. Can’t wait to see you in… 82 days.



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