Cute things are annoying

Do you think if I listen hard enough, I'll be able to see little blue elves singing annoyingly and repeatedly "La la la-la la la, sing a happy song. La la la-la la la, Smurf your whole day long"?

Thank God the mushrooms died 4 hours after I took this photo [*whisper* together with the Smurfs too I hope...]

What? Smurfs are ANNOYING. I don't think I can tolerate the Happy Smurf Song E-VE-RY-HOUR E-VE-RY MINUTE E-VE-RY DAY if Smurfs really exist there.

Bah. Humbug.


Nurul said...

oi kmk still main smurf jak.. i love smurf! hahaha.. ada gik lok. :p

Balqiz said...

Org dah main Snoopy now oi hahahah

Nurul said...

phone kmk sikpat install snoopy laa oii.. hahaha *stress* hahaha..
mintak 4s benar2 dah tok.. :p


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