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If you follow me in Twitter or Facebook, this is just a repeat story from my rant last weekend. 

Yes, the part where Tweeted/FB that I failed to bake 2 cakes in 2 days. 

The first cake I made was a banana cake. I brought home 7-8 pieces of ripe bananas hoping to ease my constipation (What? I’m pregnant! Constipation is NORMAL but effin nuisance) but after I ate one piece I decided I rather eat old shoes. Sorry to all banana lovers out there. It’s just my taste bud lately has gone eff-the-what. Even nice tasty cheesecake (which I bought from a bakery that cost me a king’s ransom) made me threw 8 miles projectile vomiting. 

I should heed the warning there but I ignored it completely. Rooky mistake there, me. 

I decided to not waste the bananas by baking it. Banana muffin? Banana cake? Banana hamana hamana? Banana cake it is. 

So yeah, there I was, bravely venturing into the zone so unknown to me –baking. 

Following the recipe I took from the Internet to the dot, I was confident I would make another success history in my life. Little that I know, the history was about to declare itself A BIG FAT GOOEY FAILURE. 

The cake turned out –as I mentioned earlier on- gooey. Too much mash banana. F-F-F-F-F-F-F!!!!! 

Defeated but not wanting to give up, the next day, after lunch I baked Oreo cake instead. This time, it was PERFECT. Well, almost… I was watching The Walking Dead and next thing I know, my cake was walking dead on its own. It was charcoal black coz I left it too long in the oven. Another epic F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F!!!!

I’m just going to stick with cooking. At least with cooking, I’m slightly better at it. Yes, the word is slightly. Better than burning the whole meal up… GRRRRR!!!! 

Only today I realized, I do not like cake very much. Maybe that’s the reason why I suck at baking. I like cooking better coz I only cook what I like to eat and as for baking, I seldom eat cake. Unless serve or when my craving kicks in and that only happen like once in every century. 

That’s a revelation that one. 

And that’s when I decided to screw baking. 

Yeah. Screw you, baking! You and your crazy measurement, ingredients and all! *Raise fits in the air*



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