OMAIGARSH, LEGS! (Baby Making Part 29)

I remember the last time I put on a pair of jeans for a bike ride to Brunei with the Mister and I thought to myself, “Shat. This friggin’ thang is so snug my butt crack is screaming I CAN SEE THE WORLD FINALLY!” It fitted me perfectly fine a week before so it didn’t make any sense whatsoever that I was gasping for oxygen while wearing it that day! Actually I didn’t know I was already pregnant that time and that my body was subconsciously accumulating as much fat as possible to get ready for the blimp I meant to be in the next few weeks.

And that was the last time I wore long pants/jeans.

I was told many times by friends and family to buy maternity pants for work but I couldn’t be bothered just coz. So throughout this pregnancy, I wear short dresses mostly and devoted my legs to my one and only comfy knee-high legging.

But when I reached 7 months, not only my feet look like a drown toad, but my whole legs are tattooed with gnarly red and blue veins! [INSERT AGONY CRIES]


Since I can’t replace my legs with those of Gisele Bündchen’s, I surrendered to the inevitable and started wearing long dresses. But when my one and only legging was torn by my own carelessness [INSERT LONG LINE OF CURSES], I had no choice but to buy myself a new pants and this time, I bought a long one to cover my OH-MY-GOD-ARE-THOSE-THE-FAMOUS-500-YEAR-OLD-TREE-STUMPS of legs.


God I miss wearing long pants!

Nice sandals yeah?! Thanks to the Mister, those are the only sandals that does not hurt my feet when walking/standing.

A photo of a walking blimp with her comfy sandals and knee-high legging which unfortunately cannot be seen due to the ginormous belly. Photo inspired by Felicakes.


Shima Sharir said...


u have the cutest leg ever. considering u're pregnant :) i pun pregnant jugak 8 months and my leg macam kene butchered :P

Balqiz said...

It looks cute but good god, from size 5 I am now size 8! Should see my calves -veins!!!! Gnarly veins all over. Scare the shit out of me when I first saw it few weeks ago


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