The Belly is Belly, Belly Cool (Baby Making Part 31)

These will be my last pregnancy photos. I promise. Yes, yes. I know I’ve been taking waaaaay too many photos of my pregnant self and it’s getting OLD AND BORING AND OHMAIGADZ STOP IT ALREADY WE GET IT WE GET IT YOU’RE PREGNANT BIG DEAL SO DOES EVERY OTHER WOMEN IN THIS WORLD BLAH LAH LU BOO HISS THROW CARROTS AND ROTTEN TOMATO.

[Solem bow]

But this time, it's different. It's a collaboration between two noobs who were determined to produce a professional image. And these two photographer noobs are:


The photography session was supposed to be done by our professional photographer friend but he got sick so we told him to get a rest and proceed with taking the photo ourselves. 

So, armed with a tripod, two cameras, self-timer and plenty of giggles and laughter, the Mister and I managed to get few nice ones for our memory sake. I’m going to develop some and frame it.

Not bad, eh? Good job, noobs! 


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belly is bigggggg *i yg nervous* fuuhh fuhhh.... lol!

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