We have a gigantic ass backyard and the only thing planted is a huge mango tree, which the previous owner of the house left us. It’s flattering, really. Generous of them. But ever since we moved in, the tree bore no fruits. None one. Nada. Nil. Zilch.

I told the Mister to chop it off since the tree is nesting 300,000 types of insects and ants and me and them, we are nemesis since the beginning of time. But my darling husband never get around doing it coz whenever he hear me say “Chop the tree”, in his mind it translated into, “LEAVE THE TREE ALONE. IT IS A SACRED TREE! GO GREEN, PEOPLE! GO GREEEEEEEN!” I think Mother Nature is possessing my husband’s brain.

So throughout the whole year, we called the tree the HOMOSEXUAL TREE because it never grew a single fruit.

Visitor: That is a huge tree you have there! You guys are so lucky! Free fruits all year long!

Us: Pfft! That is a Gay Tree. It bears no fruits.

Visitor: Gay?

Us: Either its gay or the poor thing is infertile. Or maybe the previous owner gave it a vasectomy just to spite us.

Visitor: *silent*

Us: What?

But, miracles do happen! Tada!

Weird, huh? Maybe because it got tired of being humiliated by us so it decided to sprout some fruits and guess what? It’s not stingy with its blessing! There’s plenty to go around for friends and family!

What a fabulous Friday!


Nurul said...

hahahaha..!! lawak aiiieee!!!! mesti pokok ya kecik ati .. fedap dah nya dgr malar jak org suruh tebang.. hahahahah.. tapi salunya pokok nang giya laa... hehehe

Balqiz said...

Sepanjang tahun di anok pondan hahahah ne ndak majuk member. Sekali nya nak bebuah, nah, sik tekaber aik kmk org nak makan.

Anonymous said...

Balqiz, my late grandma nak, told my parents to plant mango tree once I'm pregnant. They did just that and guess what? Berbuah a few days before baby came out :)))) Maybe mango trees like to steal the thunder of pregnant ladies. Hahaha...


LadyBird said...

tok petua dari 'Menteri Pertanian' (aka my dad), mun pokok buah kita susah mok berbuah, selalukan 'berasap' dibah pokok ya (berasap as in burning the grass with lil' bit of soil underneath the tree, it should be smoky instead of burning a fire camp under the tree lol..).

Balqiz said...

Zhu, it's weird isn't it? Once I got pregnant, terus bebuah pokok. Jangkit!

Eileen, never heard of that before but will keep that in mind when the tree decided to mogok and not berbuah agik hahahahaha thanks babe!


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