Hot and Spicy weekend up ahead!

I don’t fancy fermented chili as it kills the original taste and murder the spiciness. And since fresh chili’s life span is as short as my breath running a marathon, I freeze it to keep it from turning bad.


As and when I want to use it, I’ll just take it out from the freezer, leave it for 2-3 minutes and chop, chop, chop. The taste is the same as fresh chili, so no biggie there. Booyah!

How do you keep your veggie fresh? Do share!


grace roum said...

We keep our chilies frozen too!! i think so far only chili yg main2 frozen ni. Kalau frozen si sawi etc habis la. Even limau kasturi juice yg diperah earlier also we keep it frozen.

Balqiz said...

Kaaaan? Where are the scientists who suppose to come up with something to prevent fresh veggie to go rotten! We want new inventions to fix our life! It's already 2011! Next year there should be flying cars! But I don't see anything else flying aside airplanes!



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