When I said I wanted to have a full life, I didn't expect it to start RIGHT NOW

6am: Went to Piasau Boat Club for Healthy Lifestyle Jog

7am: I died and went to heaven. My whole body itched madly. I'm allergic to my own sweat. Yes. FML.

9am: Reached home, showered and rested.

11:00am: Went to Hot Cross Bun Bakery to pick up Shyuann's cake

12:30pm: Birthday lunch sponsored by Dayang

4:00pm: Reached home

6:00pm: Went to Miri Park for dinner with family.

8:00pm: Brought sister to MCMC (gastrick)

8:30pm: Dinner with Nurul, Suhai and Siti

10:30pm: Home. THANK GOD!

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