Weekend Away Part 3 ~Halloween!

Koinkidinkly, it was HALLOWEEN in Singapore! Welcome to ... HELL! (say it in a chipmunk’s voice so you won’t have nightmare tonight) (insert chipmunk’s laughter) 

My date was sooooo skinny, you can see right through him. I should NEVER trust online dating. Seriously. And what’s worst... he’s a caretaker. With that kind of career, how is he going to afford to buy me a Marc Jacob’s handbag? Say no more. Buh-bye! 

The ladies who roams the night screamed, "Trick or Treat! We don’t want candy. We want designer handbags! Nom. Nom. Nom"

Later days!

P/s Photo quality FTW sucks max coz we were using point and shoot camera and therefore many, many photos were not clear and blurry. FML.




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