Comfort Zone

Most people live in their comfort zone all their life. Based on my own personal experience and belief, comfort zone is the most dangerous place to be. When I’m in my comfort zone, I feel so safe and secure that I don’t feel like changing anything. This hinders me to achieve success in life because success comes from challenging and stretching my limits.

Maybe I’m born with the daredevil gene or it’s a natural human desire to see how far can I reach out and do things that scare the bejebus outta me but it sure feel awesome! I’m not crazy enough to quit my job and book the next flight to travel all over the world (though that’s one of my secret desires) so every day, I would do one thing that challenges me; Something that would push me out of my comfort zone. Something that would make me feels so uncomfortable that all I want to do is just drop it like its hot (‘Sup homeboy!).

Sometimes, I do something so big; I wonder how the hell I got the courage to do it only God knows! Sometimes, I do little, little things in life like wearing something I normally would not wear (flowery swishy skirt or putting on fake lashes to work), waking up half an hour early once or twice a week so I can sit and watch news on TV (a well known fact that I HATE watching/reading news), and many more.

Aside from that, I’m very lucky that I’m working with a manager who always pushes me out of my comfort zone. He would ask me to do jobs that are SO EFFING ANNOYING AND FRUSTRATING such as becoming the custodian of the whole department’s Livelink (I HATE ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH I.T MATTERS!) but I did it even when it made me feel so uncomfortable and stress up that I curl up in a fetal position and rock my weepy self by the corner of a wall. After that he asked me to talk to people that intimidate me so much so that all I want to do is run to the hill while pulling my hair off my head screaming bloody murder at the same time. Despite my reluctant (and tremendous panic attack), he pushes me still and I realized after that, it was not that bad. In fact, I impressed the lot (God knows why! I was stuttering and every so often my grammar went flying out the window) I learned a lot from that experience though. I learned that I’ve so many fears in life and conquering it makes me feel like a winner. And every day from that onwards, whenever I hesitate or start to feel uncomfortable about doing something, I know I MUST do it.

Later days!




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