Styling Myself for a Friend's Wedding Reception -Part 1

A friend of mine is getting married tomorrow evening and I decided to wear a dress (WHOOT!) for her reception (in a hotel)

Problem is:

1) I have a measly amount of dresses in my closet therefore NOT many choices to choose from.

2) I don’t know which one to wear once I decided the two best dress to wear

3) I’ve cow’s thighs (mooooo!) So which one I should wear?


Or this? (Black & white dress bought from A Model Studio)

Please ignore the oily sticky no-makeup-I-am-not-drunk-or-on-drugs face thank you very much, God bless your critical eyes. Also yeah, the cow's calves. Just call me Betsy.


Please click the link below and gimme what you think. Thanks a bunch!




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