Random Rants. Coz Shit Like That Happens.

I hate coming home (or waking up) to a dirty kitchen. ESPECIALLY when the sink is fill with sky high piles of dirty dishes. Why didn't I clean it up last night?! Why Balqiz? Why? Why? Why do you do this to yourself?

I hate it when people ask me question when the OBVIOUS answer is, "because I like it that way". E.g.; "Why do you like to eat ice-cream? It’s so cold!" or "Why do you make the chicken soup so full of ginger? It’s so bitter!" BECAUSE I LIKE IT THAT WAY LAAAAAH! I would not ask you, "Why do you paste caterpillars on your forehead? Why? Why do you do that? Is bushy eyebrow your fashion statement? Is it? Is it?" isn’t it? Ugh!




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