Bad Girl? Me? Really?

Look at this innocent face. How can?

Which part of bookish, workaholic, nerdfest, hermit-aka-virgin-nun, geek with zero social life makes me a bad girl?

Did I beat or shoot any scumbags lately?

Did I go clubbing every weekend? (Once a year, yes!)

Did I establish a gangster group and start having rowdy, drunken party with loudspeakers blasting from my car louder than Dragon dance band? And have fights?

So… which part am I a BAD GIRL?

“Look at your blog header. That should ring a bell”

Balqiz, there are people out there who will tell you that you can’t. What you got to do is turn around and say, ‘Watch me’


Look, Poopface. I’m not a rule breaker. Yeah, maybe sometimes I break some rules in life but it’s so tiny and I don’t think that can be used against me in the court of justice. And the blog header DOES NOT scream “BAD GIRL ALERT! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE! HIDE YOUR HUSBAND! BALQIZ ON RAMPAGE!”


You’re a disgrace to all baboons out there.

I hate it when people explain themselves in their blog. I mean who does that? That's right. Me. Right about now.

So anyway, the blog header’s quote. Shish. Such a small matter to make a big deal over. For fucksake!

This is why I hate our society nowadays. E-VE-RY-THING people see/hear/read they blow it out of proportions. For what? For the fun of being a keypochi-busybody-gossipmongers with pea size brain.


You see, the quote is significant to everything my life. People have been telling me I CAN’T so many times and each and every time I proved them wrong.

Naysayers said, “Balqiz, you can’t pass your SPM. You escape school. You sleep most of the time. And you don’t have money to pay for your SPM fees”

WATCH ME. I sold my books to pay for my SPM. I hate school so instead; I took a bus to public library everyday and study there with all the reference books I can borrow for free. I pass my SPM with flying colors.

Naysayers said, “Balqiz, you can’t further your study. We won’t fund you. We think we’ll just be wasting our money to pay for your degree when you’ll only be playing around”

WATCH ME. I worked part time and with the help of an ex boyfriend, we gathered enough money to pay for my diploma. Now I’m taking a degree funded by a friend (he insisted to help fund it because he saw something in me that those naysayers didn’t) and next year I’m getting another degree. By 2013, I’ll have 2 degrees. Not worth it huh? Talk to the ass, bastards.

Naysayers said, “We can’t give you a job. You’re no good”

WATCH ME. I’m now working in the world second largest Oil and Gas company and hired as a permanent staff after 3 months probation period.

Naysayers said, “We can only pay you RMxxxx coz that’s what you are worth”

WATCH ME. I quadrupled that amount in less than 2 years and I’m not stopping there.

Naysayers said, “You can’t do that job. It’s beyond your capability”

WATCH ME. I presented the paper work within 3 days. 10 days early than the submission date.

Naysayers said, “I took your happiness away. Now you’ll never be happy”

WATCH ME. Oh really? I don't have to explain this part. Your eyes can see for yourself.

Naysayers said, “You can’t get married now! You don’t have the money!”

WATCH ME. Ooh! I’m getting married in 31 days and you’re not invited! Bite that BITCH!

Naysayers said, “You can’t speak nor write proper English. Your grammar is atrocious!”

WATCH ME. Err… Let me publish a book one day and THEN I’ll say WATCH ME.

And many more. So, idiots-from-the-land-of-assumptions, it does NOT make me a bad person when I quoted the saying as above.

I’m not breaking any rules.

I’m just breaking your neck face spine cord very-the-villager-presumptions about people.

Naysayers, BAD GIRL? Really? 

Later days.




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