Whatever, fuckballs.

XX: Do you know a LOT of people follow/read your blog? 

Me: Why ever would they waste their time reading my dull, gothic emo loving full of dirty curses and bad grammar blog? Don’t they have life? Or they are as pathetic as my toenails? 

XX: That’s not funny. Just make sure you don’t insult anybody in your blog. 

Me: Can I insult their saggy ass? 

XX: Just be careful okay. 

Me: Can I CARE-FUL-LY insult their saggy ass? 

XX: Not funny. 

Me: I’m not being funny. I just find it disturbing that people have saggy ass. It’s pathetic. Since they decided to LIKE having saggy ass, I’m going to make fun of it. In my blog. Yes. That’ll be my aim in life. Life is great. Full of saggy asses. 

XX: What do you write in there anyway? 

Me: People’s ass. I’ve no life. Ass turns me on. It’s like my oxygen. 

XX: I’m going to start reading your blog. 

Me: I’m going to start writing about your ass. 

XX: This conversation is over. 

Me: Your ass is over. And out. Roger that. 

And because of that, from now on, most of my post will be password protected. Nasib engkau la labu. Sapa suruh busybody. Hambek khau. To know what's the password, email me at balqizs@yahoo.com.




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