48 Hours of Pure HELL

All I wanted to do was to change the header of my blog from the old one to this:


Then, I don’t know why and how and for God-sake-WHAT-DID-I-DO-WRONG?! the entire blog layout has GONE CRAZY WONKY SCATTERING ALL OVER MY PC SCREEN! I mean, really? Of all the days to be fucking with me, it chose the day where all I wanted to do was to lie flat on my tummy and grow mold all over my body BUT NOOOOOO… I mean, come on! It was a public holiday and FATE decided to be a bitch a ruin MY LIFE!

So for the next 48 hours STRAIGHT, I was on my pc fixing all the HTML, CSS and XML code until blood gushed out of my nose. THANK GOD for all the self-taught web language I learned throughout my blogging years. Been blogging for close to 5 years already but I keep changing my blog host until I decided meh, Blogger is lesser of all demons AND THIS IS WHAT I GET, BLOGGER? I MEAN, REALLY? SERIOUSLY?

Turns out my original blog template is beyond redemption. Somehow there’s a bug that decided to reside in it and no matter what I did, it stays there like a bitch. Having a blog that resembles my great aunt’s polka dots face bothered me the whole night until I slept only for 3 hours, woke up at 5am and try to fix the bloody shit thing again and again. Epic shitfest, yo. Totally epic.

After pulling my hair out (and soaked my keyboard with blood coming out of my eyeballs) I decided to look for new templates. Yes, yes. I HAD to download other people’s template rather than MAKE MY OWN TEMPLATE. That shows how desperate I was. And being an effin fussy person DOES NOT HELP MATTERS AT ALL. Take note: FUSSY. Not OCD. FUSSY.

Scouting in the entire Internet for a perfect template is like looking for your underwear after a big orgy party. No, no. Never experience it myself (give scout honor’s sign and an angelic face)

Once I found one, it’s a matter of installing it in my blog and THEN THE BEST PART OF ALL Y’ALL, getting all the previous postings to fit in the new blog layout. MATHAFUCKHA. Again, I thank God I only have postings here up to 2009. What if I were to import all my previous postings from my previous blog here? Wouldn’t I die alone fixing one post at a time? Yes, I would. I totally would.

Some photos were posted too wide so I’ve to fix it manually (I upload photos here manually via photobucket.com) and on and on and on it went. It was NOT FUN AT ALL.

By 7pm yesterday, I finished tweaking with this blog. Well. Not 100% finish. It’s actually 70% done. There are still widgets, links and so on and so forth that are still not install yet and some photos here are STILL poking out of the side bar but I’m dead tired and I DO NOT WANT TO SEE CODINGS AGAIN!

Hope you guys find this layout easy to navigate. Once you get around with it, please drop me a BIG THANK YOU.

Later days!

P/s Sister saw the new blog layout and she said, “Ugh. It looks like a Tumblr now. I don’t like it” WHATUFA….?! (silent mental abused scream)




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