I Realize…

... Lately, the feeling is getting stronger and stronger. I still don’t know what is it but I’m determined to follow the breadcrumbs. Yes, I now believe more than ever that I’m meant to do something better and greater. Soon.

... I finally achieved my perfect weight!

... Success has little to do with luck. It’s everything to do with hard work. Period.

... Saying, “I’m never going to do that because that is just NOT my thing” is an absolute idiotic thing to say. I opened up and conquered my fear towards technologies and now I'm such a tech savvy, I taught my friends everything they want to know about iPhone and err… jailbreak (insert nervous laughter)

... Me and my friend C are competing with each other on who gets to travel more in a month. It sure makes life interesting!

... I take things personally when I’m stress at work. I need to learn to let go and see it as part and parcel of achieving success at one’s job.

... As I age a year older, my body change. So does my heart and mind. And I'm happy to know, I'm accepting all that in full excitement! *SQUEEEEEE!*

... There are STILL people in this world who cannot accept other people's happiness. Whether they deserve the happiness or not, it is NOT your BUSINESS to bitch or RUIN it. I have people in my life who hurt me so bad, you can never imagine the damage they caused me. And they absolutely DO NOT deserve to be happy but I WILL NEVER stoop at their level and RUIN their life as how they RUIN mine. In fact, I pray for their happiness and hope for the best in their life. I WISH everyone CAN be happy with each other. It makes a better world for us all.

Later days




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