Baby Making -Part 5

7 weeks 5 days pregnant

I am a complete horrible monster in my first trimester. I am constantly dizzy, irritable, greasy hair (Did Medusa trade her hair with me?), zits popping out like mushroom, bloated, fatigue and so on and so forth I won’t bore myself with all the beauty of pregnancy in the first trimester.

The monster part is because I was told that I resembled a T-Rex possessed by the demon from Exorcism movie. The similarity was so uncanny. I snapped at people (usually I just keep quiet when people irritates me but this time, no mercy baby) I was (am still I think) particularly short-tempered with the Mister though he had been a complete angel assisting me in every kind of ways and how did I repay him? Sigh…

For the sake of my marriage, I pray hard my temper is in check until I give birth.

I hardly have energy to move let alone to do housework. All our meals were bought from outside. I spent my time mostly in bed, sleeping. When I’m awake, a slobbering bulldog looks much friendlier than me.

Though morning sickness does not plague me, occasionally I do vomit once or twice a day. This I notice happens when I’m hungry. And I get hungry a lot faster than usual. When I’m hungry, I MUST HAVE FOOD NOW NOW NOW!!! Or I’ll have gastrick or/and vomit my guts out. Last 2 days, I noticed I have been puking a lot around 10pm. I asked my mom whether it’s normal or I have a bad case of food poisoning and she said, “Morning sickness is just a term. It does not only happen in the morning but also all around the clock”

I asked, “So shouldn’t it be called something else aside from morning sickness? It’s deceiving. We should start calling it with a name as evil as it feels like maybe SONOFABITCHSATAN?” Mom just goes tsk-tsk-watch-your-language-now-you’re-pregnant-bla-bla-bla speech.

I still don’t crave anything yet but I eat anything that people suggest. Example:

“I feel like having salmon today for lunch” said Nurul and the next minute, I would be driving to a nearest restaurant to order myself a plate of grill salmon.

“I haven’t had Mee Jawa in a while” said my friend in Switzerland via Whatsapp and while I reply to her my response, I text my mom, “Me want Mee Jawa!” and mom would cook one for me.

I was watching Food Channel on Astro the other day and they were showing beautiful, delicious looking cupcakes and I was sitting thiiiiiiiiiiis close to the TV as if, if I get a little bit more closer I can taste the cupcake on the TV screen. I guess the wild look in my eyes and the unfamiliar slow growl coming from my throat scare the bejebus out of my husband coz one look at me, he instantly grabbed the car keys to drive to the nearest shop to get me a cupcake.


But I am so lucky people around me indulge me and allow me to experience my first pregnancy by listening to my rants patiently, cheer me up when I’m in my depressive hormonal mood, and never, ever scold me for feeling what I feel coz hey, it’s my first pregnancy!

My mom spoils me by feeding me with every kind of food. My husband pampers me by allowing me to be a sloth for the past 2 months, cater to my every need, cook, clean, wash, run errands etc for me since the energy I have is for me at work and when I’m at home, I transform into a slug. My friends constantly text and call me asking how am I doing and entertain me when I feel like crap (play Words with Friends with me!) and not to mention my readers, who have been emailing me giving me tips and advices and suggestions and etc.

Totally appreciate it all!



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