My New Header is up!


Took me 3 days to find the best design that screams my current personality (Emo, rant-a-lot, dreamy and more often than not; lazy)

Took me another 2 days to find out my pen tool skill in Photoshop suuuuuuck wet monkey balls and needed more time to practice so eff pen tool for the time being (I don’t use pen tool much before coz I edit photos and not so much in designing)

Took me half a day to find the best vector and another half to LEARN how to manipulate a vector image while at the same time, learn how to use a Photoshop Illustrator!

All these while, I rely heavily on my Photoshop CS4 (yes, yes I’m so outdated I don’t have CS5 and above) Each and every header I made before this was made in Photoshop but when the Mister introduce me to Photoshop Illustrator, that is when I started fiddling around in it. I am still a noob but the basic is pretty much the same with PS so I catch on pretty fast (but I don’t have super lightning fingers clicking buttons within seconds though. Still am quite slow and relying on my mouse entirely)

It didn’t take me that long to learn how to manipulate a vector image (Intermission: I AM A SUPER FAST LEARNER MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh by the way, I self-taught myself everything -Photography, Photoshop, Illustrator, blog design etc).

I just had a writer’s block when it comes to the tagline. Took me a while to come up with something catchy and at the same time, simple.

I thought of putting one of these taglines:

1. Hanging out with Balqiz (BOOOOOOOOOOOORING! Didn’t I just use that like 3000 years ago?)

2. Hi I’m Balqiz, the OMFG-WHAT-WILL-SHE-SAY-NEXT-GIRL. Here’s my cat. (Who gives people cat during an introduction? Me. But of course)

3. Balqiz: Trying to curse as little as possible (For that, I give myself two wonderful words: FAT CHANCE, ME)

4. Balqiz: Human. Not a zombie. (Tempting. But it doesn’t go well with the new header. Maybe next time)

And that’s all. I can only come up with 4 taglines? Shish!

Then, I look at my last header. God. I can't stop cringing. Holly purple baboons butt. What. Was. I. Thinking. Back. Then?

The self-made vector is HORRIBLE. My maternity underwear looks better than THAT. Never again shall I attempt to use a pen tool in Photoshop to design my own vector. NEVER.

Then there’s the header before that horrific, stab-me-in-the-eyes header which everyone claimed to be oh so rebellious.

I STILL don’t understand which part of it that shouts rebellious? Did this header punch your grandmother in the face? Or run over your sweet puppy with a tractor deliberately? Pfft. People. There’s no pleasing em all.

Now, next thing to do is to change:

1. The favicons

2. The menu box

3. The side bar menu

4. The watermark

5. To figure out should I design a new 3 columns template or let it just be 2 columns coz if it’s 3 columns, all my photos will have to be resized to a smaller size which is a big HELL NO coz I like my photo to be big and wide spread. We’ll see.

And to design a blog button. Should I? Or shouldn't I?

And that’s about it. I changed the fonts recently (I bet NO ONE notices shit. Hmph!) and once all is done, I’ll be free to design my friend’s blog business. Busy designing blogs makes me HAPPY and occupied.

That's all from me today.


P/s I don't have a cat now (I developed an allergy 2-3 years ago towards cats which SUUUUUX MAX) but I used to have a black cat named Bandit (it still make me cry whenever I think about him) so I immortalize him in my header. The black cat will also be the logo for my watermark and favicon. My Canon EOS camera is black in color but I made mine in the header purple coz I wish is purple in color and I do not own a flowery pants like that. Even if I do have one, I will look like a China ceramic vase.


lv said...

very nice new header! love it!! what happen to bandit?

Balqiz said...

After my divorce, I had to give him up to my ex because of my allergy and soon after, I heard he ran away from ex house. A year later I found him at my mom's house!!! He was weak and tired and sickly. I brought him home to my house and nurse him but he was wild already and he ran again and never to be seen again....


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