How long will I last?

“You STILL blog? O. EM. GOD. I thought blog is just another phase and it went DEAD like, last year?”

This was exclaimed loudly by a friend the other day.

I’m not offended. In fact, it made me think… If blogging is just a phase, why am I still here blogging for… what? This is my 6th? 7th years of blogging? What makes me stay on when other people flit from one thing to another?

The Internet comes up with many, many kind of platforms for self-expression, demonstration, publicity, networking, etc.

MySpace. Friendster. Facebook. Photoblog. Twitter. And the latest fad now is of course, Tumblr.

And here I am, still in my dot com blog.

Will I stop one day? Chances are, of course. In years (or months) to come, when work, family and personal matter takes most of my time, blogging will be just a… another phase.

It’s inevitable because people changed. Before this, my life changed maybe just a fragment. Next year, I’m going to be a mother. A BIG MAJOR CHANGE IN MY LIFE. I’ll still be working full-time still though (next year I’m hoping for a new position and it will not be as leisure as it is now). And I’ll be a mother. Will I have the time to tweak my blog like usual? Or write my rants? Or take photo and play around with Photoshop?

I see a lot of my blogger friends from single to marriage to mother/father and as they reach motherhood/fatherhood, their blogs become a time that stand still. Unless if they are a full time housewife/blogger, then yeah, their blog is constantly updated and alive.

I wish to be a full-time blogger and a full-time housewife. I want to take care of my children all by myself. I want to single-handedly educate them and nurture their curious mind. But unless blogging starts paying me double (or even half) of what I earn currently, that wish will be one of those things that I just have to fold ever so nicely and put it safely underneath my pillow at night as so I can weave my night dreams around it.

Till then, we’ll see how it goes eh?




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