The consequences of not supplying nice wearable maternity clothes could be dangerous to all non-pregnant people (Baby Making -10)

I am at an awkward pregnancy stage where I am too small for maternity clothes but too big for my regular clothes.

I went shopping for few dresses the other day and being a noob in this maternity thang, I naively thought normal boutiques are strictly off limits and that I can and only must shop at a maternity boutique.

Since Miri only have 2? 3? Maternity boutiques, it didn’t take me long to finish browsing all the clothes and declare F*BLEEP*K THIS S*BLEEP*T THERE’S NOTHING FOR ME HERE and I had to be strapped down before I start burning all the frustrating CHEAP CHINA MADE looking clothes. Nothing looks WEARABLE and definately nothing that compliment a normal human being's pregnant figure. And they don't cater for my small size. To them, M size is small. To me, their M size can fit a white back gorilla pregnant with twins. 

Once I calmed the F*BLEEP*K down, I went to a normal boutique and hey whattayanoe! There are plenty of dresses here for me!

Consumed with greed and extreme lust, I bought 6 dresses for work, 2 pair of leggings, 3 blouses and 2 pair of maternity pants which I reluctantly bought in one of the maternity boutique store. I think all these will fit me for only few months coz I doubt I can wear it in my 3rd trimester. But, whatever. As long as I have something to wear to work rather than putting on a gunny sack, I'll live.

Long, long time ago, I would be camwhoring with my new dresses and post it here. But ever since I feel like an icky gila monster, maybe some other days eh?

Here’s one. Feast your eyes on the blurry, shaky product of a low-quality phone camera (iPhone) with no watermark FML-if-someone-steal-this-photo-and-use-it-for-personal-gain:

The Mister and I went to my friend’s wedding reception recently and since the original dress I bought for that night’s occasion SUDDENLY does not fit me anymore HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN so I had to wear one of my so-called-maternity-dress-which-is-not-a-maternity-dress-but-it-looks-great-on-me-so-tada-maternity-dress.

The wedding was glorious but I was feeling so… nauseous the whole night and was suffering from mega gigantic migraine stomping my head hard and when they served roasted chicken, I ran out of the ballroom and nearly vomited on one of the guest’s shoes.

And that, folks, explain why there is only one photo taken that night and no other.

The end.


prettybabybump said...

hi there..

do come check us out.. we have a range of maternity clothes that might suit you!


p/s: congratulations on your pregnancy btw.. =)

Felicakes said...

Babe, you don't have to wear maternity clothes! I only bought pants coz I needed it to have an elastic band but never bought tops at all. Hehehe as for dresses, there is something called baby doll dresses a hahaha


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