There are two MAIN weaknesses of mankind: Lust and Excuses

Scenario A

A young woman marries an old, fat and super rich dude but secretly is miserable because he is old and smells like her great grandfather (like, duh!)

The husband gives her all the money to spend, the luxury to travel every nooks and crannies in this world and own 30 fancy cars a year.

But she’s still miserable because her EXCUSES are:

“I am still too young to be tight up like this. I want to go out with my single and young girlfriends and club and drink and dance my night away”

“I wish I have a younger husband. Someone with 6 packs and oily muscled. My husband is just way too old and his flabby pouch is disgusting!”

“I was stupid to think that money can buy me happiness!”

She’s a victim of her own LUST. She wants an easy way out in life. She doesn’t want to work hard and wait for her money and success. By marrying a rich guy, she’s getting a golden pass for easy money without breaking a sweat.

Lust for money. Lust for easy life. Lust for fame. And then later burn by her own LUST.

Scenario B

A married man conducted an affair with another woman discreetly.

The wife then found out about it and confronted her husband and the other woman.

The husband said, “I care about you but I feel trap with you. You don’t give me space. You are boring. There’s no more spark in our relationship anymore. This marriage sucks”

The woman said, “I fell in love with him because he’s the sweetest most loving man I’ve ever met. We are meant to be together. There is no other man for me aside from him”

Kids, these are what we called: EXCUSES and LUST.

In husband’s case, it’s all one big fuckup excuses. If he really thinks his marriage suck sea monkey’s earlobes, he has a lot of options to either fix it or leave it.

Fix it: Counseling? Talking? Reasoning? A time out?

So there’s no fixing it. Then; leave it: Divorce. Breakup. Separation. Etc. Take the high road by leaving with your dignity intact rather than cheating your way out and end up having a messy drama.

Lust plays a big role too. If he thinks with his brain and not with his lustful withered balls, why yes, he will not be standing there branded with a hot iron mark on his forehead FUCKING CHEATER right?

The woman; LUST and also EXCUSES. Lust: of all the single men in this world, you just gotta ‘fell in lust with a married man’. Excuse: There are no other men out there for you because all other men are reptiles and only married men are human beings with decent penis heart to love.

Scenario C

A married woman with kids having affairs with not one but 3 men behind her husband’s back.

Her excuses:

“My husband doesn’t care about me anymore. He doesn’t even sleep with me anymore. He’s just too busy with his work. I’m lonely. I have needs. I want to be loved and cherish and pampered and woe. Since my husband can’t give me all that, what choice do I have? Besides, other men make me feel beautiful again, sexy and loved”

There are always other choices in life. There is no such thing as ‘what choice do I have?’

You wake up in the morning, you have a choice to either embrace the day or you choose to shut the world out and continue your sleep. It’s what you choose to do is the vital part.

You have a choice to cheat to get what you LUST for or you can try to fix your marriage. Or get a divorce.

“Oh but I can’t get a divorce! What about my kids? They will suffer!” Another EXCUSE.

What happen when her husband finds out about it? Do you think he will:

1) Throw confetti and celebrate the fact that he’s being cuckold all this while?

2) Buy her tickets to Hawaii and have a second honeymoon?

3) Leave you and take the kids?

I bet my soul he’ll take the last option. When that happens, do you think your kids would not suffer? Because of your thirst to be fucked, you just ruin your 10 years marriage and lost your kids. Who suffer now, bitch?

Scenario D

I own a nice car. Though it’s a small car, it’s in an excellent condition. The maintenance is very cheap and a full tank fuel cost me RM35 only and it gets me to places I want to go easily and efficiently.

But I want a new car. This is my LUST.

And my EXCUSE is I can’t fit a baby car seat, baby stroller, baby bags, swings, cradle, toys, lawn machine, sea turtles, malls in Orchard Road, water buffalo and many more in my small car. I want a bigger car to fit everything in so we can drive in peace without feeling like we’re cramp in a kangaroo’s pouch.

I want this car:

Can I have one Toyota Rush please? Pretty please with sugary lust and cherry excuses on top?

It's not for me. It's for my baby. I think ahead for my the sake of my baby.




Jazica Albek said...

i read scenario a, b, and c fucking seriously that when it comes to D my face turned -__- ithoughtshegonnawritesomethingwithmoralvaluesattheend.

Balqiz said...

Before I announce out loud how badly I want a new car, I must top my extreme lust with 3 EXTREMIST lusts examples first just so my own lust does not look OMFG THIS GIRL SEMUA DIA NAK TAK PANDAI PUAS NAFSU MACAM BADAK. See?


Anonymous said...

Toyota Rush is awesome!

Balqiz said...

Asidah, buy me one pwez? Thank You!!!!

lv said...

TOTALLY WICKED, you!! haha!! welcome to the club :) btw, mine is cheaper by almost 30% :P~~ so yeah u'll be taxed that much =.=!

Balqiz said...

How did you get it the 30% discount?!!?!?!?!?!

lv said...

Duty free island :) it's the most worthy thing to buy rather than beer and chocolate. Next best thing is perfume.


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