The Internet is a real person. A lot like you.


I love the Internet. It's where I spend most of my time. Especially blogging. I blog hop a lot coz I like reading what people put in their websites/blogs. And when I comment their post, I watch my every word as not to be misunderstood or appear harsh, even though I disagree with their opinion. Or if I can’t find any suitable words to express my opinion, I just keep quiet and move on to the next blog.

People often forget that behind every blogs, every Twitter users, every Facebook account, there is a real person with feelings and very much human like all of us. So, before you turn yourself into a stupid troll and manically reply/write bitchy comment, think –if it were you that was attacked heartlessly like so, would you be able to live your life without having a slightest sadness in your heart? If no, then, your mother should name you Baby Troll No. 7519.

Be nice. Or leave.

P/s This is a general issue that has been brought up many times by many bloggers. It has nothing to do with my readers who so far have been very nice and friendly and comment without malice. To my readers, you know who you are and for that I thank you.


LadyBird said...

that is so true!! most of the time, people tend to forget that behind a blog there's a human. i received lotsa bitchy comments thru out my blogging journey and it does at time hurt my feelings badly
(mun dah di-mbak dlm mimpi serta ngigaw oleh nya, bagi kmk dah kira kes teruk). but i dont give up easily as i treat it as part and partial of blogging challenges.

its your blog, its your platform of sharing, its your world. you're just a creative human who wanna treasure every moment of your life. those who are envy at it, let them suck it up coz they're loser. :)

Sherance said...

Couldn't agree more.. Btw, your blog is nice and interesting. Thanks for sharing your thought here. Its a pleasure for me to read your entries. Have a nice day ahead :)

Balqiz said...

Irene, I saw some of the comments people put in your blog and gad, I cringed reading their brainless attack. Don't worry. Each and one of em will get Syphilis.

Sherance, it's MY pleasure to have you around here :-)


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