I Have No Freakin Idea What Title to Put Here Except the Word "CRAP"

I actually have a dozen things I want to blog about. Unfortunately I only managed to write it in my head and hit an invisible publish button and knowing full well that I have a water buffalo’s brain, I forgot entirely what I want to write when I finally sit in front of the computer.

Another excuse reason is that I am currently obsessed with changing my blog header. As you well know, when I’m bored, I change my blog layout/font/design/template/header/color etc so most of my free time is spent blog hopping to get inspiration on what exactly that fits my fussy desire.

Being an Aries, a right brainer, and an ADD/ADHD with a sense of a doorknob, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I get bored faster than an overdose caffeine flying squirrel. Once I change my header, my watermark will be changed too. And I intend to create my own blog button (though for the life of me I can’t figure out WHO WOULD WANT MY BLOG BUTTON but since everyone is doing it, yeah, yeah I’ll jump in the band wagon)

While waiting for my Illustrator to be installed by the Mister, I’ll just put up a photo or two here just so this carcass blog would not gather maggots and flies of many kinds *shudder* perish the thought!


Normally I don't take yogurt but since it's one of the best thing to get wasted to purge myself to death to get my bowel to go regurlarly OH EM GOD TOO MUCH INFORMATION WOMAN SHUT UP ALREADY, this type of yogurt really rock my socks off.

So, if you're like me who think yogurt smells like burning hair, this yogurt will erase all fear and make your bowel sing EVERYDAY I'M SHUFFLING. It's YUMMEH.




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