A Monster in the Making (Baby Making Part 11)


My body is officially over and done with:

1. The crazy fatigue stage.


3. And the anti-social stage (Yeah I didn’t mention this before huh? Short version: I hate, hate, hate, hate socializing, answering phone, texting, chatting etc –anything to do with interacting with people. All I want to do is to hide in my cave and do my own thing. It used to drive friends and family crazy coz it’s like Balqiz has gone POOFED! Gone! Fell off the face of the earth!)


Now, I’m freakingly crazy active. My body is buzzing with massive energy wanting to do EVERY-FREAKING-THANG. Cleaning, redecorating, gardening, folding clothes, rearrange furniture –you name it. I guess that’s the reason why I can’t sleep much lately. Too much energy contained within.

This week alone, I performed few miracles –I bought 10 potted plants. It’s totally out of my character coz as everyone knows; I am not the domestic type. I am more of a she-male who unfortunately does not have a tiny bit of female traits like sewing, decorating, cooking, baking, gardening and all those shit. Most women cook to de-stress. I climb trees like a monkey and perform cartwheels to de-stress.

Then I bought 3 small cupboards JUST SO I CAN PUT ALL MY PLASTIC CONTAINERS in an orderly fashion according to sizes, type and get this -COLORS. MAD. Who does that? Me.

Then last night, I spend most of my time SEPARATING MY MATERNITY CLOTHES AND MY NORMAL CLOTHES into two wardrobes and all clothes are arrange according to colors, long sleeves, short sleeves, formal and non formal.

Let me just make this clear – I. DO. NOT. DO. STUFF. LIKE. THAT.

Before this, I just simply dumped all my clothes in one place and some ARE NOT EVEN FOLDED PROPERLY. I just don’t care.

Clothes mean nothing much to me. Clothes are just clothes. I am never a fashionable person in the first place and I don’t follow trends. I wear whatever I feel comfortable and I can wear it over and over without thinking, “Oh shit I wore this the other day I can’t be seen wearing this again”

That is until… Dum dumm dummmm! I get pregnant.

I spend close to RM1000 this month alone to buy… new clothes. ARRRGHHH!!!!

At first, there was a valid, strong reason to purchase coz nothing in my wardrobe fits me anymore. (I started showing as early as 6 weeks) So I bought some maternity pants, few dresses and such and comfortable shoes (I CAN’T WEAR HEELS YO! EVER SEEN ME WEARING FLATS? WELL THIS IS YOUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY COZ AFTER I GIVE BIRTH THIS FLATS WILL BE BURN AS A PART OF A CELEBRATION TO EMBRACE MOTHERHOOD)

Then the craziness started…

I browsed online for new clothes every hour of the day.

I hound each and every boutique in Miri and howl when I can’t find anything I like.

I get twitchy eyes whenever I see people wearing nice beautiful dresses and I feel like ripping it off her body.

I have this strong, intense feeling of wanting to look nice and to wear beautiful clothes made for goddesses. And when I said, strong feeling, it's more like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYWAAAAAAAAAANTAAAAAAAAYWAAAAAAAAAAAAANTAAAAAAAAAAAAAYWAAAAAAAAAAAAANT!

Then the Mister noticed something new- I only pick bright, cheerful colors clothing. I bought red, purple, green and I even thought yellow looks nice. YELLOW? PFFT. I HATE YELLOW. But oh not this time. Yellow is NICE now. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Old Balqiz wear white and black mostly and occasionally blue but PINK? RED? PURPLE?

Then I told the Mister I wanted to buy some hairclips and hair bands. He was like, “Hairclips?! You don’t even own a comb until 2 weeks ago and you want hairclips?! WHO ARE YOU?!”

And I burst into buckets and buckets of tears coz my husband doesn’t understand my needs.

Dear hormones, please stop turning me into a leaky faucet. It’s getting to be a nuisance to cry each and every second of the day. And while you’re at it, hairclips? Really? Sincerely, me.


LadyBird said...

lol cali ehhh but look its normal woman...somehow after reading your post, i think i can guess the baby gender d. ;)

Balqiz said...

I think I know what's on your mind. Pretty much the same with everybody I met after they stare at my tummy hehehe

Jazica Albek said...

hairclips? hair bands?? auww balqiz the girly-girly(read : geli)! hahha :p

Balqiz said...



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