I came. I saw. I rescued.

She was leaning on a wall outside of a local shopping mall, hunkering down low on the floor, hoping no one can see her. She was weak and did not look well at all. When I picked her up, she frantically wanted to fly away but her wings just refuse to work and she knocked herself few times on the opposite wall and fell.

I picked her up again and this time she was too tired to do anything but stay still in my cup of hands.

She was no bigger than my palm. As I held her, I thought to myself WHAT THE HELL AM I GONNA DO WITH THIS POOR BIRD? With only one hand free, I dialed the Mister’s number. He didn’t answer. Must be on his bike somewhere. Then the next obvious person to call- My mom.

Me: Mom! Help! Crisis! Big mega huge problem in hand. Literally!

Mom: What? What happen? You’re pregnancy? What’s wrong with it? Oh no!

Me: Nothing to do with my pregnancy lah. I found a bird outside a mall and I think there’s something wrong with her. She can’t fly! She’s in my hand now and I don’t know what to do!

Mom: Haiya! Please don’t scare me like that… Well, what kind of bird is it? And how big?

Me: I don’t know… the feathers are dark green and she’s very small… I don’t think she’s a baby bird. I think she’s a teenage bird. You know… the size between a baby and an adult bird… Thingie? Gah! I don’t know anything about birds! But oh oh oh her beak is pretty long though!

Mom: Bring her to a vet. They will know how to fix her.

Me: Okay… But I have to wait until after office hour coz I’m on my lunch break now and going back to the office. So what should I do with her in the meantime?

Mom: Keep her warm and feed her. Mash some rice or something.

Me: I don’t think she eats rice, mom…

Mom: Everybody eats rice.

Me: Erm… yeah… why not. 

So I brought it back to the office, stuff her in my tissue box and throw in a piece of dates in it hoping she’ll eat it. Like my mom who simply thought all birds eats rice, I simply assume all birds’ eats dates.

But she didn’t touch it. She kept her eyes close and after a while, I started to fidget. BIRD, Y U NO MOVE? Y U NO EATS DATES? DATES ARE VERY HEALTHY! MAKES YOU POOP EASILY!

I tried calling the Mister again and this time he answered his phone.


And within 10 minutes, my super speedy husband arrived and I shoved the tissue box in his hand and said, “BIRD! SICK! FOUND HER! WEAK! CANNOT FLY! DON’T WANT TO EAT DATES! FIX HER! VET! DOCTOR ANIMAL! ALL EXPENSES ON ME! JUST BILL ME LATER! FASTER! BRING HER NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW! GO GO GO GO GO!”

Turns out, the little birdie just had a concussion. Concussion? On a bird? Why not. Her wings are all fine and she just need time to recover and mend herself nicely.

The mister brought it home with a clear instruction from the vet to keep an eye on it for few days. The mister also made a little cage made out of… a small rubbish bin with twigs from a curry tree. The bird perched nicely on the twigs and shut her eyes close.

We even managed to feed her sugary water through a tiny straw. And she drank/ate/sipped on it nicely.

So can you guess by now what kind of bird is she? Yes. Yes. The doctor confirmed the bird is a FEMALE. GIRL POWER!

She’s a type of hummingbird!

That’s why I named her Humming Bee.

We let her out the next day and she flew off without a hitch.

I kind miss having her around. She’s such a tame bird. She doesn’t seem to mind me holding her and running my fingers on her soft feathers.

Humming Bee.


Sixxxis said...

awesome thing u did there & that is a pretty looking bird.

Balqiz said...

I am sucker when it comes to animal. Wounded animal mostly. My mom used to complain that her children are just too soft hearted to want to rescue every living thing on this earth. We haven't brought home a homeless man though. Yet.

lv said...

Cute bird!! God bless your kind soul :)


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