Every Word is a Prayer

I thought I’m the dumb one since I don’t own an oversea Degree/Master.

I thought I’m the immature one since I’m younger by many, many years.

I thought I’m the unreasonable one since I am irrational most of the time.

And I never thought, these people, whom I looked up and respect, are actually worst than me.

I thought being one of the patriarch means you are wiser and understanding.

I thought being highly educated means you possessed a high I.Q as well as E.Q.

I thought since you’ve been out and about, travel the world, experience a lot in life means you are matured and balanced.

And I never thought, these people, whom I see as a good example, are actually worst than the shit out of a baboon's ass.


Because of one small fault I made, forever I am hated and ban from their sight.

I was bitter at first. Angry. Vengeful.

Then, after a while… I smile.

You keep saying, “IF YOU DON’T STUDY WELL AT SCHOOL, YOU WILL END UP LIKE BALQIZ” I hope they turn out to be like me coz hey...

...Balqiz is a much better person than you can ever be.

You can never be worst than BALQIZ, unless they turn out to be just like YOU.


Turns out, I am wiser than you by being able to think rationally and accept things as they are. My thinking are not constrain to a rule I came up just to dictate my life. I can forgive human error because I made mistakes too. All the time. And I dare to admit my faults coz I am not God and neither are you.

You know what?




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