When A Blogger is Bored...

... And have zero idea what to post, they either;

1) Go out to look for inspiration, or

2) Create an inspiration, or

3) Dream an inspiration

and many more.

But if they are anything like me, I just wait and something will come up.

Like this poor block who flew into my house, trapped and got sprayed by a Ridsect.

I wanted to let it go and let it fly free but chances is, it might sting me if I come close to it. So, the Mister came to the rescue, armed with his trusty Ridsect can, he sprayed at it and ....

I'm sorry lil' guy... As I watch it die, I decided the best way to make amend is to  take my camera and SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! 

At least I got something to shoot. I've been bored tears with no inspiration whatsoever these past few days. Plus with sudden melancholy attack, I'm pretty much a walking dullard with a sullen face so long that it dragged on the floor...

Yes, yes. I am THAT heartless bored



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