Moving to a New House!

We FINALLY found a house that we like! (Do the Chumbawamba dance)

It’s a single-storey semi-detached house with one HUGE living room (You can even play golf in it!), 1 GIGANTIC master bedroom that we can turn it into a Spa Saloon, 2 spare rooms, a nice kitchen and a cute dining area)

No photos yet. Be patient, Young Grasshopper.

Wait until we get the house clean and settle in then and only THEN, photo-fest.

If you follow me in my Twitter, you noticed I mentioned few times that I’m looking for a house. Me and the Mister has been spending our every weekends driving around Miri looking for a perfect house.

It’s kinda difficult to find one that we both like. We want:

1) A big house but we don’t want a double storey. I don’t want to spend my time cleaning top to bottom humongous house and next thing you know, it’ll be dusty again the next day. CRAZY! I rather spend THAT time crocheting my eyebrows together.

2) Must have a nice, secluded neighborhood so that privacy is ensured. Peace and quiet neighborhood is not easy to find here. And no, WE, SARAWAKIANS ARE NOT LIVING IN A JUNGLE, MORON! *Cough* Now where was I?

3) It must be affordable because I want to save money to go to Agra, India or Beijing, China sometime this year (AMIN!) There are some houses with a very low price range but the size of the house is pretty much the same as my current one so we don’t see the point of getting one.

The current house we’re staying is super small. In fact, it’s so small that me and the Mister keep bumping into each other it’s like we’re in a pinball machine.

It’s just waaaaay to small for 2 people to live in. Besides, my tenancy (I’m renting it) expires in March 2011 and I see no point to renew the contract and live there again or look for another similar size house within the same budget. No point at all.

Even if it means we have to cough up more dough to cover the expenses of a newer, bigger and better house.

I mean, we’re willing to pay extra coz well; we've this belief that making a big change means making room for something big and magnificent to happen in your life. If we settle for a same small house, what change?

We’re moving in slowly as we have the whole month to do it and hopefully everything goes well. There’s a lot of cleaning up to do and packing, OMG, THE PACKING! I HATE PACKING AND UNPACKING!

Hmmm… I wonder, since it’s NOT WINTER, would Santa’s elves come to work with me for extra pocket money? These hands of mine are not meant for hard-labor see (QUICK! SOMEONE SLAP HER ALREADY!)

But it should be okay coz I’ve the Mister to help me this time. Besides, he strictly said I cannot carry heavy stuff. So what I'll do is supervise! Aahh... the beauty of being a newly-wed.

The last time I moved house, I moved to start a new life, a new journey alone. This time, I’m moving to start a new life with someone who means the world to me and vice versa. Perfect start for our new adventure together, ain't it?

Happy Sunday folks!




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