Vamp It Up!

The Mister’s aunt gave me a black silk scarf she bought in Holland a month ago. I totally forgotten about it and only recently found it lurking amidst my many, many unfolded clothes (I simply dumped all of my clothes in a plastic bag during the house move I know I know I am such an undomestic goddess bite me).

Since I’m wearing a simple black boring blouse to work today, I decided to add the scarf just to see whether I can make it work. Turns out, not bad, eh!

Though I’m still no Angelina Jolie but meeeeeeeeh, who wants to be like her anyway?
*Crying envying her lucky duck soul*

I wonder what else can I do with this scarf. Wrap it around my head as a head band? Swing it over my head while do the rain dance on the office desk? Use it as a lasso to catch a runaway bull? Do we even have a runaway bull in Miri?

What’s your add on accessory to vamp up a boring attire?



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