Day 8 ~A picture that makes you laugh

A picture that makes you laugh 

I can't remember who thought of the idea first to fly a kite but it was one of the best time I ever had.Just as soon as this photo was taken, my kite was blown away by strong gush of wind and I watched helplessly as the kite flew out of my hand. Suddenly, Karen dashed right in front of me screaming like a lunatic chasing the kite (it belongs to her TET!)
That snapped me out of my blur state and I ran after her to chase the kite too and together we were screaming, running, jumping and gasping and yes, she managed to catch the kite. Oh. My. God.We collapsed in exhaustion and joined the rest who were laughing their ass off at our comedic adventure. Silly Karen.
It never fails to make me laugh whenever I think back of that memory.



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