Let Me Tell You About The Time I Had My Fortune Read by a Palm Reader

I was accompanying my mom shopping at One Utama Shopping Mall, KL, two months ago when I stumbled upon a palm reader (also known as fortune reader) booth. Bored to tears of not knowing how to kill time while my mom shops, I casually asked how much and how is the procedure.

The lady said per reading is RM50.


I’m not a bit curious on what my future hold coz I’m VERY confident that I will be okay, rich and successful and happy and so on and so forth. But I wanted to do it because:

1) I was bored

2) I want to rest my aching feet after many hours of walking from one shopping mall to another

3) I want to find something to blog about (my blog was collecting cobwebs that time)

So I paid the RM50.

The lady fortune person took both my hands. Asked me my birthday and what time I was born. Then she scribbled something and looked at my hand.

These are the things she said (I shit you not! I had my mom wrote everything she said coz as I said, it’s a blog material)

(Read it in an old Chinese lady’s voice. Quivering and all):

“Born in the year of a Rooster with Metal as Elements, you have the patient in handling difficult things.

According to the lines in your palm, your life foundation is stable and that your life line is long. Means, you’ll live a long life. However, the lines are not deep enough. This is because you have small illnesses that come and go. Mainly your nose. Sometime in your life, you will have to undergo a major operation. But don’t worry. It is not fatal. The surgery is necessary for child birth (Caesarean)

Your head line shows you are a very intelligent woman. Very clever and very careful in making long-term decision. But your head line is too long. This means you day dream a lot. Your head is always in clouds.

Your love line shows you are a very romantic person at heart. You are very sentimental. You want to hear nice words in a nice way. But you are also very moody, very emotional and very idealism (love of beautiful things). Your love line has a small island. This means you should marry late. If you marry early (below 28 years old), your marriage won’t last. But if you marry now (late), you will be much stable and happier. Your love line is secure so don’t worry. After marriage, your luck will sky rocket. Money comes easily to you and you’ll also bring luck to your future husband. You enhance his career and financial aspect. You will have 2 children.

You will be a very socially active person. But you cannot be a housewife! You will be bored and miserable. You need to be on the move and be in charge. That is why you make a very good leader. You can manage people very well but people cannot control you. You are very successful in your career.

You are also a quick tempered person but a very independent one and can be your family’s financial advisor. When you make a decision, you are very firm and determine about it. Nobody can change your mind once you set your mind on something.

However, you have two personalities. You can be positive at one time and in the next moment, you can switch into a negative thinker.

Your traveling line is very long. This means you always travel and always make money too.”

If I went for this thing few years ago, I would say hell no. I know back then my confident level was below a gnat’s knee and my self-esteem was shaky. I would be scared silly, believe everything the fortune teller said 100% and occasionally found rocking myself near a corner in a fetal position. All that BEFORE my fortune read. Imagine after… It’ll just be one hell of a FUN FACTORY.

But now, now I’ve grown. I know where I stand and where I’m going. I’m not afraid of the future and I readily embark on life’s many unknown journeys. So hearing my fortune read that time didn’t do anything except making me smile. I mean, if you already know who you are and a stranger come to you and give a list of who you and everything describe you perfectly, do you;

1) Gasp and exclaim wonders and ask, “Are you by any chance related to THE David Blane?”

2) Scared out of your wits and have nightmares of an idle hand chasing you around your bed?


4) Accept it and let it go?

I accepted it and let it go.

Do I believe in it? Let’s just say I believe in myself. What she described were the things I already know about myself and I believe that I am going towards a better, much happier and successful richer life.

Even if she said I’ll die hanging from an Eiffel Tower one day or monkeys gonna steal my purse away, I would say, WOMAN, YOU NEED TO GET YOUR HEAD FIX! CAN’T YOU SEE WHO I AM? (Standing proudly with my hands on my hip and my nose flaring) I AM MAGNIFICIENT! I AM A SUCCESS! I AM A SURVIVOR! I AM A LUNATIC! No no… I mean, I AM AND WILL ALWAYS BE GREAT! So fat chance that I’ll believe her.

The only part that piques my interest was the “island” on my Love Line. That I shouldn’t get married at an early age. That I should get married late. Late as in after 27-28 years old. Now, THAT part, I find very interesting *Grinning*




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