"Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have." ~ J.K Rowling

These past few weeks I’ve been feeling a tad bit emotional. Occasionally I find myself sobbing with no apparent reason. Sometimes even watching moronic cartoons make my lower lips quivers. And happy endings? Oy… Instant waterworks, folks.

All I want to do is -C.R.Y.
I think my hormones have gone bonkers.

No, I’m not about to have my period.

And no, I’m not pregnant. Yet.

Every time I want to blog about something hilarious, I find myself typing oh-so-emotional post instead.

The other day, I was accompanying the Mister to a massage place to get a full body massage. Poor guy was working so hard moving our things to our new house that his body was aching everywhere. Seeing him in such pain, almost made me burst out crying. He insisted that I do not lift a single thing and that’ll do everything himself and later he had to pay the price of aching muscles and such.

The whole time he was groaning when the masseuse massaged his sore arms and legs, I was biting the urge to whimper and call the masseuse to FREAKING STOP TORTURING MY HUSBAND BITCH!

Since when I become this sappy?

Then yesterday I almost bawl out loud as I was overwhelmed with massive load of work in the office. The non-stop phones calls, the keep-on-coming-emails, the urgent-must-do-this-right-now-and-submit-to-me-in-5-seconds-top paperwork almost made me run away and hide in the toilet’s cubicle and wail. I was being pulled in many directions and oh my god I AM ONLY ONE PERSON I CANNOT BE AT 5 DIFFERENT PLACES AT THE SAME TIME WHY CAN’T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE AND DIE?! Damn. I was hit by the sudden tsunami of work due to one colleague who went MIA so I had to cover all her work. Bless her bloody fuckup sweet soul.

At 6pm, I said fuck this. I was too exhausted to cook so I told the Mister we’ll have dinner at the Club instead. As I watched the sun sets in (the Club is by a beach), again I was choking back tears. The sun was extremely gorgeous!

Oh shut up. Just hand me those damn tissues.




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