"Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be." Elizabeth Gilbert

As the year turned 2011, few things change.

1. Health

I started to invest a lot in vitamins/supplement as I get quite conscious of my health. Once every 2 months, I restock my vitamins. When I buy, I buy a lot at one go. Up to a point the Mister said I can open up my own pharmacy at home. It’s A LOT. A LOT. A LOT. A LOT. Hopefully by end of this year, you’ll see me sprouting roses through my nose.

2. Money

Like Amal, this year is also my cost recovery year. With a heavy heart and sobbing like a baboon, I had to say no to oh so many traveling opportunity. Money has to be put aside for the new house. There’s a lot of renovations need to be done (repainting, new furniture, fixtures and fittings and many more that makes you wish you’re not THAT fussy to live in a box by the side of a road) The cost of the wedding and getting a new house really put a dent on my forehead in our wallets. That’s why my aim to buy a new car had to be postponed to end of this year instead *throw childish tantrum*

This year also I started to dabble with some low risk investment plans. Learning about investment really open up my eyes and I had to control my fanatic self by not dumping all my money in the investment plans introduced to me. I also started to increase my saving. Believe me; it’s EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to discipline myself by putting aside 20% out of my income for saving. It’s like trying to thrust a Durian up your anus.

3. Career

I’m not sure whether what I’m doing now is my career or just a job I do for living. But one thing for sure, I love where I am today and I enjoy doing what I’m doing. With my recent promotion, job scope also increases dramatically. Well, who said getting paid more means lesser work, eh? The more I do, the longer time I spend at work. This is also one reason why it’s nearly impossible to apply for leave to go out for a vacation but I’m not complaining. As I said, I love doing what I’m doing. I know I’m one of those lucky ones who enjoy their job. To me, going to work in the morning is not a chore but a mission to accomplish enthusiastically.

4. Education

I’m still pursuing my study. Nothing changed there but I’ll be graduating when I’m a grandmother. Sigh. It’s not exactly THAT long (but my breast sure would be a meter longer that time) It’s just another 3 years and after that, hopefully I can call myself a Psychology grad.

5. Relationship

I’m a married woman now. Life changed 360 degrees. The ups and downs that we faced throughout these 2 months we keep to ourselves. I’m a firm believer that what happens between us is for us to know. That’s the reason why I don’t write much about my marriage life here. But one thing for sure, I’m getting better at cooking for my husband *grinning* I especially love waking up early in the morning to cook him breakfast. Scouting for recipes online become part of my agenda every day.

What’s in store for me this year? Plenty. I dream a lot and I dream big. Each and every change I made now is a path I created to open up a new door in the future.

So what change in your life this year?


lv said...

high 5 for no 3. like you, i am one of those fortunate ones who love my job/ work. i am soooo grateful for where i am now. job that suits my qualifications, best boss in the whole wide world and enjoy doing it at the same time. oh, a plus when my passion (photography) also pays me sometimes :)



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