How Do You Manage All The Blogs You Follow?

For the past how many years (I can’t remember how long since I started blogging/reading blogs) I had been using Bloglines as my aggregator of RSS Feeds. Or in layman term; as and when any blogs I follow update their blog, Bloglines will prompt me.

Really saved me a lot of time coz before I know the existence of Bloglines, I ‘bookmarked’ the blog and go there each and every day to check for updates. So imagine if I have 200 blogs… What an exciting moment!

Bloglines was so easy to used back then. Especially when I still had my Nokia phone (they had a mobile web for Symbian OS). I can simply connect and read blogs update in the toilet.

But ever since they change ownership and had a new make-over, I find it really difficult to navigate. Their widgets are too heavy and loading takes bazillion minutes! And what’s worse, they can’t read/detect some RSS Feeds! HORROR OF ALL HORRORS!

Frustrated, I transferred all my RSS Feeds to Google Reader instead (after much recommendation from my friend, Feli)

At first, Google Reader daunted me.

But after a while, once I get the hang of it, it’s damn easy. Loading takes less than a second and no widgets! I hate widgets. Widgets are like those bloody Grimlins. If a blog is full of widgets, it turns me off and don’t expect me to go there again.

Unfortunately (or for some, fortunately), Google Reader does not show your entire blog, therefore, your readers would not be able to see your new blog layout or advertisement banner. Readers will only read your postings and that’s about all. So boo-hoo for some and hell-yeah-no-advert-yo for others.

If you’re using Google Reader as your RSS Feeds aggregator and you are an iPhone/iPad user, get Mobile RSS app and link your Google Reader account there and you can read blog updates anywhere. Don’t you just love technologies nowadays?

It is indeed the best time to live in this world.

Enough tech talk. Will resume my daily-nonsense-ranting on my next post.

Till then, ciao!

P/s I might or might not write about this before. I’m a breathing sloth so don’t expect me to go through my archives. Meh.



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