DAY 4 ~A picture of your favorite night

A picture of your favorite night

1. It was our first New Year celebration together

2. It was our first vacation together (accompanied by my sister and few other friends along BUT OF COURSE)

3. It was my first time applying fake lashes (The girls and I was cackling like a hyena the whole time we were applying our fake lashes as many times we almost glued our eyes shut!)

4. Though there was no fireworks that night (boohoo) we still had a great, memorable fun time

5. It was also the first time I scare the Mister when I was hit by cruciatingly painful period cramp that night. He was helpless as he doesn’t know how to help me. But now? W-O-W. At any sign of injury/pain/cramp/sickness, he’s like a lightning and next thing I know I’m bandaged/shove with medicines/tucked in bed/hot water/massaged/etc. My own personal E.R!



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