Wedding Drama Part 8 ~Wedding Shoe

Back when I was in JB, Aveen asked me what else do I need for my wedding. 
I said, "A pair of white shoes. I've an idea how it looks like but I haven't had the time yet to look for one." 
Just as I said that, we stepped into a shoe shop in one of the mall in JB and voila! 
There, on the shelve displayed my perfect shoe! I tried it and it was a perfect fit. I paid for it and was grinning ear to ear when Aveen said, "Dude, you're one lucky bride-to-be! Seems like everything you want just appear right in front of you" 
"I know right? It's so awesome!" I laughed. 
"Scary a bit though... you've been wanting/wishing a lot of stuff lately and all come rolling to you. Lucky but freaky" said my best friend while giving a slight shudder. 
Well, what can I say? I'm just born lucky I guess.



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