Wedding Drama Part 7 One Disaster After Another -PASSWORD fuckthisshit

The entire laid out plan gone FTW in just 10 days before the wedding. Who wouldn’t want to jump off the highest building now?
Two months ago I wrote something in here that made the whole family angry and boycott my wedding. It was a harmless matter but they take it to heart. My say? Whatever. Does not bother me one bit. But Mom was making a big fuss over it by crying and blaming me and asking me to stop writing or better yet, delete this blog entirely. I keep quiet and stubbornly refused to bend to her or her family’s will.
Then, my friend M said she can’t attend my wedding as she’ll be outstation. She's supposed to be one of the MC during my reception night. She apologized and I managed to get a replacement. It still sucks still coz I wanted her to be on my wedding. She’s one of my closest friends and she can’t be there.
Then the other MC said he might not be able to attend as my wedding date clash with his company’s dinner. Hand me the flame thrower please? I need to burn something up. Anything. I’m THAT frustrated.
Then Mom said she doesn’t like my wedding gown and insisted I changed it to something more to her taste. Luckily I managed to find a dress that suits EVERYONE’S TASTE but I still prefer the previous one I handpicked myself but majority rules. I relented and cried a little inside.
I had to change my bridesmaid because the original one gave me one fuck up bitchy attitude. Not a big deal. I asked N’s sister instead and she leaped to the opportunity.
Then everyone voiced out that the person I hired to do my makeup is not good enough and that I should find someone else. Pulling my hair out, I managed to secure another one WHICH everyone agreed (not entirely everyone but you can’t please all) and she’s charging me a solid RM500. Fine. Whatever.
Then Mom dropped the ultimate bad news. She’s changing my entire wedding reception plan by taking away my main program and inserts it in the Akad Nikah instead.
That was the final straw. I threw up in the toilet and cried myself to sleep. NOT!
I just held my head up high and kept all the bitterness, the frustration and the anger inside.
Today I’m bursting it out in here. That’s my retribution.
What’s next?
Bring it on *crack knuckles*




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