Thank you for the fact that the things I cannot change are the things you love

I am rich despite not having expensive material objects.

I am loved because I am lovable.

I am soft despite my hard exterior.

I am honest despite being lied and cheated before.

I am funny because I can laugh at myself.

I am strong because I was raised by a strong woman.

I am awesome because I survived.

I am beautiful despite my scars and broken past.

I am brilliant despite hearing voices in my head (KIDDING!)

I am fun because I know how to.

I am pampered by everyone around me and especially by me, myself and I.

I am sensible and wise because life is a good teacher.

I am a forgiver because I am able to forgive (but I won’t forget!)

I am silly and giggly because I'm still a little girl at heart.

I am lucky. So very lucky. You won’t believe what an absolutely lucky person I am!

I am safe because I’m protected.

I am caring and super soft-hearted (according to the Mister and I secretly agree *bawling my eyes out*)

I am perfect despite some of my flaws.

I am gullible because I choose to believe people are good and honest.

I am a success because I am.

So, what are you?

“You are beautiful just the way you are. We don't change beautiful."
~Karen Walrond




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