Wedding Drama Part 10 ~Continuity from Part 8 PASSWORD: fuckthisshit

I’m jotting this down AGAIN to remind myself what I went through for the past 6 months in preparing for my wedding.
At first, everything goes smoothly. Me and N arranged everything and all went smoothly. I was so happy that there were little hiccups along the way. The hiccups were little coz when one problem aroused, something came up to solve it in a nick of time.
Then as the day gets nearer, major problems starts to pops up. And the main contributor was my Mom. From my makeup to my wedding dress to my venue to my time management to EVERY-FUCKING-THING, she criticized, she complained, she compared, she nagged, nagged, nagged and worst, she intervened and changed.
As a daughter, I wanted to please her while at the same time, trying to work together so we can both achieve the same goal –to have a successful, nice and memorable wedding.
But it seems like her goal is to satisfy her every whims without acknowledging my wish at all.
She took over the majlis Akad Nikah by making it from 20 people invited to 200. She insisted to have a grand wedding at the Mosque and invited 98% of her friends and family. She insisted to have the Tepung Tawar at the Mosque coz it is more “berkat” and because of that, I won’t be able to slot that agenda in my reception. She insisted that me and the Mister “bersanding” at the Mosque and insisted to have a “pelamin” there as well.
After much arguing, I relented. I admit defeat and let her have her way. Inside, I was broken hearted but as long as Mom’s happy right? Right…
Then she kept asking me whether there’ll be seats in the hotel coz she wanted to invite her own friends there. I said no. No. No. No. Enough is enough.
She then made my life much more of a nightmare by hinting HER ceremony at the mosque will be much merrier and better than mine in Marriott Hotel. It goes on and on and on for E-VE-RY-FUCKING TIME I SEE HER.
Yes, I know, what the fuck right? Why do you want to compete? It’s the same bloody thing! The only difference is that one is Akad Nikah and the other is the reception!
 I secretly think my mom is a bit crazy. Like seriously!
Stress max. Totally.
Dear God, give me strength…




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