20 Memorable Moments in 2010

1.       I GOT ENGAGED!
2.       Then I received my first diamond ring from the Mister! (I'm getting another one from him this Saturday but that'll be in 2011 list of memorable moments)
3.       I went to Singapore 3 times this year.  Go, me!
4.      To mark 20 years of our friendship, me and my best friend, Aveen, went on a killer rollercoaster ride in Universal Studio. It was our way of reunion after a long break of not seeing each other and both of us lost our voice for 5 minutes after screaming our lungs out.
5.      Twice went on a mother-daughter trip to KL and Singapore. It was a good bonding session, I must admit.
6.      Spend shitload of money on my iPhone 3GS just to find out 4G was coming out a month or two after that. Damn.
7.      Had my fortune read by a palm-reader for the first time ever! I’ll blog about this someday.
9.       Attended an EQ course that taught me to forgive.
12.   Then made so many new friends through Twitter that when we finally get to hang out, we spend the whole time Twittering instead. FOL!
13.   I found Bandit, my old cat on Valentine’s Day. I lost him again a week after that.
14.   I signed off my release towards my last hold of the past. Thank you for the memories. I’m making a new one. Better and happier than ever. Syukur alhamdulillah!
15.   I helped to organize a few charity drives. The experience totally opened up my eyes towards those in needs and humbled me to a point where I cried and feel less deserving to have all the material stuff money can buy. I vowed to give out more and currently looking for those in need of a TV coz I’m giving it away. It’s a good Sony TV in an excellent form. Maybe I'll blog about this one day... Gah! Time!
16.   By the by, I sold 80% of my books and all the money went to an animal shelter in Miri. Parting with my books was not an easy feat but I did it. It was just another step in letting go and not get too attach with material objects.
17.   At the age of 29, I finally get to step foot at our National Museum. FML.
18.   Spend more time out of Miri than ever! Traveling. Traveling. Traveling. Traveling. I love it!
19.    Read more than 50 books this year! Bongkersz once said “50 books a year is nothing to Balqiz” Ya think? It was not THAT easy as I was sooo busy with a lot of things that reading was no longer a priority (gasp!)
20.    Own my very own DS Player (birthday gift from the Mister) and was so addicted playing with it that for a month plus, my brain was all over the floor. Messy.

I can only think of 20 when actually there are more than that but I can't remember and besides, I'm writing this as fast as I can coz I need to go out and run some errands for last minute thing for the wedding this Saturday. Gasp! My wedding is this Saturday! MAD!

Later days, folks!



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