Things you shouldn’t say to other people even if you meant well

1. “What happen to your face? You’re pimples are getting worst! I know about this good facial place that’ll sure help to fix your face. Trust me.” 

Yeah, about that... you see, my skin is currently at its best condition. Trust ME. So... yeah... Wow. Awkward isn't it? Here, eat this dung.

2. “Not that we want to bring it up, but you know your current status right? So always remember THAT and try to behave when you’re in front of his family. We just don’t want people to talk you know? Especially when people know your status...” 

What’s my status again? Oh yeah. You’ve been MAKING IT SUPER CRYSTAL CLEAR ten million times in one statement. Yes. Yes. So I’m a divorcee. Why won’t you BLOG about it so all my readers can read about it too? 

3. How did you manage to get a job in that company? I can’t believe it! I mean, you only have ... what? A diploma? (chuckle) 

Want to meet my best friend, Ms-Slap-A-Lot? She’s dying to meet you (grinning) 

4. You should find yourself a rich husband! Then you don’t have to work for money. You can relax at home and take care of your kids. 

Why would I want to rely on my husband financially when I can be financially independent on my own? What happen if my “rich husband” cheated on me and divorce me? Is he still going to finance my life? NO! Been there done that. Go read Kim Kiyosaki RICH WOMAN book and MAYBE you’ll understand what I mean.

5. I’m jealous! You’re so skinny! How did you achieve it? I mean, it’s so easy to be so skinny. You can wear everything. You don’t have to worry when wearing a low cut dress coz your flat chest won’t be attracting people’s attention! 

Thanks. I’m FLATTERED (put intended) So very flattered that this flat chest would like to challenge your saggy fat breast on who can stay perky when we reach 50 years old. 

Bring it! 



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