Peer Pressure...

... is when everyone and I mean E-VE-RY-ONE including our parents and uncles and aunties and nieces and nephews and PETS have Facebook and I don’t.

I disabled mine just as soon as I reached 500 friends. I feel much, much happier without it. I hate the pretense, the constant show-offs, the incoherent dimwitted status updates, the irritating photo tagging, the invitation to don’t-you-have-a-life games like Farmville, the stalking and oh the STALKING! Mind your own bloody business please!

Yes, I’m better off without Facebook.

But when friends told me of some photos they added or news or birthdays that I don’t know about, it makes me go ARRRGHHHHH!!!!

Oh well. No biggie. So far, I’ve lived without it for close to half a year I think and the nagging peer pressure only bugs me once a while.

I still have my Twitter.

Go Twitter!




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