I don’t think you even realized that no one here thinks highly of you regardless how “hard working” you seems to be.
I don’t think you’re that great when you strut like you’ve a stick up your ass just coz you think you did a job well done.
I don’t think you know how everybody here can see what suck-up you are, an empty can walking and talking making too much noise trying hard to be seen.
I don’t think that you care no one in particular like you as a person as long as the upper people are happy with you.
But what you did to me today just signed your soul straight to hell.  You think by raising your voice and reprimanding me over a small matter right in front of my direct superior shows how awesome, powerful and right you are, think again asshole. When he’s quiet it does not mean he’s supporting you. He was mighty pissed at you. I know. he just told me.
I can’t wait to see the fireworks. It’s coming to you sooner than I hope. You’ll see.
By the way, up yours.




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