Wedding Drama Part 11 ~BEAUTY: No Pain. No Gain.

These past 2 days, I’ve been scrubbed, waxed, plucked, shaved, bathed, soaked, clipped and steamed so thoroughly that I swear if I stand naked in a sun, I glitter.
It’s a world whirl experience on its own, these beauty regimes.
I’ve never been wax before so when I did it two days ago, I was screaming like someone just poured boiling magma onto my body. No laughing matter, dude. Then plucked, plucked, plucked. DO I LOOK LIKE A BLOODY CHICKEN TO YOU? FML for being too hairy for my own good... *sobbing*
In one day alone, I was soaked twice, steamed up for a good half an hour and was scrubbed maniacally that I swear I walked out of the spa without my skin. The spa can keep my broken, torn skin that I left on their floor. Keep em. Might worth something in the future.
Then in the evening, “mandi bunga”. The water that was poured on me was FREEZING COLD! If I’ve balls, it’ll be the size of a pin head right now.
I know I should be grateful that everyone around me loves me so much so that they are giving me all these special beauty treatments but when I look in the mirror, I expect to see Gisele Bundchen to look back but instead I see my own bored face staring back at me. Meh.
Jokes aside (really?), I would like to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE who had been there putting up with my crazy rollercoaster ride preparing for this wedding, THANK YOU to those who gave me a lot of their time and energy and *ahem* money for this wedding, THANK YOU to my mom who despite managed to make me clawed my walls ala Wolverine several times a day, helped me in every kind of way to make this wedding a great one, THANK YOU to my husband-to-be-in-just-1-day-to-go for keeping it strong despite me saying “Let’s get married with a pair of baboons instead coz I don’t think the dramas will permanently damage us for life” and THANK YOU to my friends in Twitter and my readers here. You guys are awesome and I love each and every one of you!
One last post of The Wedding Drama after tomorrow and I’m done, no more wedding dramas, hello Married Life!
I started out with this Wedding Drama post NOT to teach/inform people about what’s what, where, which, who etc about wedding preparations. I think there’s bazillion blogs out there writing about THAT. Me, I wrote this to share with you what are the typical kinds of experience a bride-to-be experienced. The family, the pressure, the friends, the stress, the tears, the madness, the serial killer lying dormant inside of you wanting to stab those who change your initial programs and etc etc.
Tomorrow’s the DAY! Upon many request, I’ll try to Tweet as much as I can throughout the whole session. Not a promise. I said I’LL TRY.
Wish me luck!

Later days!




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