Your Money is Screaming SAVE ME! SAVE ME!

This is just a friendly BORING reminder to my readers that if you are working right now, or just about to start working, or students still but one hell of a lucky bastard to get really, really generous pocket money from your parents, if you have not start saving your money, do start now.

Once you have saved, say maybe, around RM1k and above, invest the money.

Once you have enough money in your EPF, invest the money.

Earning only RM800 a month? Save RM50 a month is already creating a milestone. A huge motha fakha milestone, believe me.

I don’t have to tell you the benefits of saving coz duh… This is not the stone-edge era. Everyone knows about saving money. But despite knowing about it, not many are doing it. Close example: ME. Tada! I never save my money. Because:

1) NO ONE REMINDED ME TO DO SO. I have a brain that leaks information faster than you can say short-term-memory-lost-much. If people don’t constantly remind me to do something, like, “Have you watered the plants?” I would probably let my plants died starving of water for a millennia. This is the trouble with ADHD people. Our memory is as miniscule as a gnat.

2) I have no self –control whatsoever. Yes, I spend my money like I’m the Queen Money Making Land or some shit like that. Only now, I started to slow down. Like, really, really slow down. I keep thinking; baby is coming… Baby will need clothes, diapers, and formula and oOoo cute onesies!

3) I don’t know shit about saving and investment. And I was lazy to know about it.

But as I said in my previous, previous post (Go dig it yourself. By now you should know what a buttlazy person I am), this year, I started to get really serious about money. Last few years, my money went to crazy shopping spree and only saved like, wow, RM100 or less a month. If I could turn back times, yes, I probably would slap myself with a shovel for being such an idiotic bitch.

There are those who simply assigned an agent to play around with their money and invest it wherever the agent think the market is good. That is the lazy kind of investment. It’s good for those who are busy. I am one of those lazy busy people. But at the same time, not knowing shit about it makes me edgy. I rather KNOW what happens to my money than trusting it on another person so that’s where I started to slowly learn about investment and stuff.

It’s pretty ironic that for a person who took finance and accounting in college, I ended up staring doofusly at my bank statement and wondered out loud, “Debit is… debt I owe to the bank is it?” Okay, I’m not THAT dumb but when I started to dabble with investment, the figures and finance jargons simply just danced nakedly in front of me. I don’t know SHIT.

And it took me ages to finally get the initiative to LEARN. BORING! I know! I’m stubborn. And again, the thought of another person touching and playing with my money (though they are VERY trustworthy) makes me nervous and that pushes me to say, BRING IT.

This is not a post to teach you about investing and saving your money coz you can Google it up and there are millions of websites out there talking about it.

This is a post to REMIND you (and at the same time, remind myself) to start saving. If you already start to do so, I applaud and kowtow to your advance superiority.

If you haven’t, it’s not too late. Start this month. As I said, RM100 or less is better than nothing.




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