As long as it makes me happy, I'll cry if I want to. Cry if I want to, cry if I want to.

As much as I hate to admit it, I gotta agree with majority of my friends and family that I do not have high tolerance towards pain. Be it physical or emotional pain. I yell LOUDLY at a mere prick of a needle. By loud, I mean, the whole Sarawak can HEAR my pain.

The first time the Mister experience me having leg cramps in the middle of a night while sleeping, he almost fell off the bed. The murderous scream I let out was like a psycho killer was stabbing me repeatedly, when in fact, it was just a mere leg cramp.

So, me and pain, yeah, we don’t go well together.

I wonder how I am going to go through child birth. I have a feeling as soon as I feel the contraction; I’ll be pleading for massive dose of epidural. I know. I know. A lot of people have been telling me to lay off epidural and bear the pain like our mothers and grandmothers and their mothers before. Be strong, they say. This is what a mother does, they say. I won’t be able to call myself a REAL WOMAN if I surrender to drugs, they say (so all these while, I’m a man?)


I haven’t discussed with my doctor yet what my birthing plan is. But he did mentioned few times that with my low tolerance towards pain, I won’t last long without drugs. EVEN MY DOCTOR ADMITS IT. WHAT’S MORE GLARING THAN THAT? Believe me; it does not make me feel proud of myself…

[Sitting at the corner of a wall and draw small circles with finger]

Even now, I’m constantly complaining about my aching back, my painful swelling cramp-every-night-legs and my inability to sleep. Oh believe me; I do TRY to minimize the constant whining coz as what people has been sarcastically telling me, “You want a child of your own right? THEN SUCK IT UP, WOMAN” Very supporting and spirit lifting people I have around me. Or the mere fact that they are tired of my whining and just want to shut me up…

People are mean.

[Sitting at the corner of a wall and draw small circles with finger]



sya_zazoo said...

don bother wat other people say. i've gone thru c-section n normal Vaginal delivery with epidural. the sad part was that i took epidural in the last minute that's why it was still painful..i still can feel the excruciating pain during contraction.
If you were to take epidural,make sure u know how to push (try hard not to elevate your hip,otherwise 3rd degree episiotomy..huhu..nangis sebulan during pantang).
above all...sik kesahlah mcm ney method beranak..yg penting semuanya sakit babe.beza cuma pre & post jak. if you can tolerate pethidine..then take only pethidine need epidural. no worry'll be surprised on ur ability during labor.gud luck dear!me doakan u,amin!

Anonymous said...

I presume the hospitals in Miri would have all three basic pain reliefs right? I.e gas/air, pethidine and epi? I know you can take all three if you need to so maybe try gas/air first and then move on to pethidine if you still find the pain intolerable and choose epi as last solution (discuss pro and cons of each with the doctor). Will your mister be with you during labour? If so maybe you'd like to consider bringing a TENS machine? Mind you that this will only work if you use it at the start of labour.

I went through long labour about 8 hours and only went for gas/air and then pethidine after 5 hours due to tiredness (was told that it may take another 5-6 hours or so at this point) I too have low pain threshold but I found these methods to be helpful: 1) focusing on slow and steady breathing during each contraction 2) sitting on a birth ball 3) feet massage 4) placing hot towel on lower back + gentle circular massage 5) try different sleeping/sitting positions to ease the pain

To me it's important to practice breathing exercise from the start (with your mister or whoever is going to into the labour room with you) as it helps you too keep your focus hence keep your stamina and strength (do eat more carbs a week or two before expected due date, you need the energy!). And if you get all panicky during contraction, your labour partner could then help ease you back into normal and more controlled breathing (which is why you need to practice this with him/her).

Don't forget to research and discuss labour positions with the mister and the doctor

Is episiotomy a must in Miri hospitals? Natural tear takes faster to heal in comparison (I had 3rd degree natural tearing and stitches healed after 3 weeks, soreness went away after 5-6 weeks). Discuss episiotomy option with the doctor.

If you have anything more than 2nd degree tear you need to make sure you eat a lot of fibres as main problem with 3rd and 4th degrees is painful bowel movement. Not sure if the doctors there stress on this but pelvic floor exercise is important. I did mine throughout pregnancy and resume again 24 hours after labour. It helps with the healing process and to avoid problems in future (incontinence) And proteins help to speed up the healing process too so eat a lot of chicken.

Keep an open mind that labour itself may not go according to plan but best to have a plan anyway. LOL. Hope you're not too overwhelmed by all the info.

-Zhu XO

Balqiz said...

Sya_zazoo, aww thank you dear! Praying everyday I’m strong enough to bear the pain and have an easy delivery.

Zhu, you made me realize that I only know HOW to make a baby and what’s what about pregnancy but ZERO about giving birth and a newborn needs. Man... what I know about babies are from prehistoric era!

Honestly, I didn’t know there is such thing as pethedine. Or TENS machine. And I have no freaking clue what can Miri hospitals offer me for pain relief.

Wow. THANK YOU. I’m going to do a lot of birthing and babies reading from now on and push aside my Historical Romance books for the time being [EPIC]

sya_zazoo said...

not many Miri hospital have happy gas. pethidine is injected at hip area just to reduce the contraction pain. epidural in the other hand should totally eliminate ur pain be it contraction or pain during labor. u'll feel nothing there..
u can ask columbia asia or Miri medical whether they provide antenatal class for new papa n mama.

Anonymous said...

Yes, do enquire about ante natal class. Like you, I knew nothing but I learnt a lot from the midwives and doctors during ante natal classes. We're really lucky cause at this day and age we have more support and info available. You only need to ask :)


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