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Me: Will you talk to the baby?

The Mister: Of course. Why?

Me: I mean, now, when the baby's in my belly. Will you talk to my belly?

The Mister: (Silence)

Me: It is mentioned that the baby can hear already. Both my voice and your voice.

The Mister: (Silence)

Me: It's good for the baby you know. Talking creates bonds between us and the baby.

The Mister: (Silence)

Me: (Silence) (Staring into space) (Scratch butt)

The Mister: (Silence)

Me: Don't worry, I understand. It's freaking weird to talk to a stomach. I, myself cringe whenever I try to talk to my belly. It's like I'm trying to create a conversation with my belly button. AWK-WARD.

The Mister: (Sigh relieve) Thank you for understanding! (Nervous laughter)

Me: Yeah, we'll be an awesome parents


P/s The black mark on my belly button is from my cyst operation early this year. And the black line coming down from my belly button is called linea negra. Very common during pregnancy. And I was wearing my husband's boxer (Snicker).


Rammel Firdaus said...

I wish you two the best. :)

Balqiz said...

Why, THANK YOU! So nice of you to drop by ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ


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