*Throw Confetti*

My good friend DB recently transferred to Kazakhstan and before she went off, she left me a big box full of baby gifts!

Thank you, D!!!!

Lots and lots of baby bibs! I really do not have to buy anymore!

These made the Mister grinning for a whole half an hour. 5 Manchester United baby shirts for the baby to be worn from birth until 2 years old! The smallest is size 0-3M and awww... so cute! Looks like the baby have no choice but to be a MU fan since Daddy and Mummy are big MU fans ha-ha!

Cutest most adorable baby socks E-VER! *teary-eyed* So Happy!

And yes, my personal favorite- a Ferrari onesie! I can't wait to put it on my baby!

Thank you again, D!!!! *HUGS* Totally made my day!



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